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Shenzhen long descendants chauffeur Services Ltd is a professional dedicated to wine ride, business driver and professional chauffeur service company.
Shenzhen long generation driving service limited to generation driving this a emerging market needs for oriented, after long-term of market research and analysis, for wine offspring driving, and business generation driving, various generation driving service injected has new of concept and mode; Shenzhen long generation driving, and Shenzhen generation driving, and Shenzhen generation driving company, and Shenzhen generation driving price, and Shenzhen generation driving costs, and Shenzhen generation driving phone, and Shenzhen formal generation driving company, and Shenzhen wine offspring driving, and Shenzhen Tourism generation driving, and Shenzhen business generation driving, and Shenzhen long-distance generation driving business scale, service dot radiation whole Shenzhen. All in order to provide a safer and more convenient, professional chauffeur service.
at present, the company has a number of driving experience more than 5 years professional driving staff, telephone account executive, marketing planners. All the staff has always been adhering to the "" safety first, "people-oriented", "customer first," services philosophy, adhere to the "honest and trustworthy, courageous and innovative" professional creed, efforts to establish a sustainable integrity, progressive team.
the company has a large number of VIP members (mostly local Shenzhen high-end vehicles, business executives and other elite members of society), the team is constantly growing. For corporate members, we will organize activities such as communication, entertainment, and for members to recommend introducing restaurants, KTV, self drive tours, business meetings and other interactive activities.
for further service VIP customer groups, strengthening business cooperation in Shenzhen for a long time chauffeur Services Ltd has launched a 24-hour service hotline. And China Telecom, China Mobile, Baidu (Baidu), and many other well-known media to establish a long-term partnership! Want to be more famous catering company, the entertainment group to establish good strategic cooperation.

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