Chauffeur's spirit offspring why don't drive long distances heating

New drivers worry about bad driving, look for a driver coming all the way to run. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Xuzhou car chauffeur company, Xuzhou long-distance driving is particularly popular this year. Which is in stark contrast with it, drink-drive market has been tepid. The reason, industry insiders believe, mainly public safety awareness and the "history of the most strict law" played a role in the implementation.
double long-distance driving business "right now, we have more than 10 drivers were busy, long-distance driving fire beyond imagination this year. "Yesterday, the town car driver, according to the head of the company, this time, the company turned a few long-distance driving business than in previous years. Handan, xingtai chauffeur business the most. "Before section, there is a customer back home to visit relatives in Fuzhou, in our company is looking for an experienced older drivers driver, it's not, he just called to make a reservation call appointment the return trip generation drivers. "
reporter learned from another car chauffeur company, this year's long-distance drive business within the province does have a significant growth in the volume, businesses from other provinces are Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Henan and other neighboring provinces and cities.
market "supply and demand" effect, driving prices rising, such as long distance chauffeur generally charge 2 Yuan per kilometer, excluding transportation costs. A chauffeur company in charge, "a case study of Handan, Shijiazhuang, the owners not only have to pay 500 Yuan driver fee, as well as transport costs to pay the drivers back to Shijiazhuang, so down, is not a small expense. "
at the same time, drunk driving charges are also affected by this, while most driving price remains within the second ring of 80 Yuan, but individual companies to adjust the prices, from 80 Yuan, up to 100-150 Yuan.
wine offspring drive fires up the reason for long-distance driving business boom this year, more than the driver in charge of analysis that, in addition to some new drivers "hand wave" fears ran out from afar, new rules also played a role, new fears are not familiar with the rules of the road, driving violations be penalized for lack of experience.
"have recently bought a new car, get a driver's license for two or three years, but still can't run long distances, worried about their driving skills. Back to xingtai hometown, specifically to talk to a generation of drivers. "Members of the public, Mr LEE opined that, although cost a little higher, but at least ensured safety!
with the arrival of the Lantern Festival, and parties increased drunk driving should be hot, but from the market point of view, it is tepid. "Wine is driving business for future generations, we have seven or eight single every day business. "According to the head of a company, companies with high orders, every business, as well as more than 10 single.
in this regard, industry analysts believe, mainly public safety awareness and the "history of the most strict law" played a role in the implementation. "A lot of people to catch the liquor market, most will take a bus or a taxi. "In addition, does not rule out some drivers had chances and risk driving home.

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