Does not regulate the driver market is not good to do business

Jiaodong online network March 8 (reporter Zhang) when the owners can't drive themselves upon arrival at the destination, driven by a professional driver owners of the vehicles will be sent to the designated place, and to charge a fee called "chauffeur". "The driver" in Xuzhou has been two or three years ' time, so the city's chauffeur is normative in the market?
with the implementation of new rules on drinking and driving, chauffeur business jumped up. Reporters found on the Internet, the city engaged in driving business abound. There are driving companies, chauffeur services, there are many car rental companies or personal chauffeur. Yet so many driver, if they are approved by the business sector registered? Wang Dechang
city administration staff said, it should be said the driver is a new special industries in the services provided by the Administration for industry and Commerce of virtually no generation coming in this category can be sorted so that businesses were not able to drive the company's name registered in the business sector.
and then a reporter from the trade and Industry Bureau confirmed, at present within the city have not registered in the name of the driver of the company. Only two car rental and service company, to the industrial and commercial sectors in its business license eligible for chauffeur services.
Wang Dechang said, it should be said within the city limits is not a professional chauffeur company, and now the whole car industry most are individuals engaged in driving business.
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