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According to reporter investigation, currently charges for chauffeur services, quality of service, quality of practitioners is uneven, hampered the development of new industries. Have said, lack of supervision has been driving industry standards, the Government should expeditiously set up a special law enforcement watchdog investigation "drunk-driving into the penalty" after the implementation of sharp decrease in drunk driving; Meanwhile, "" service demand began to rise.
it is often said, "" no authority, no barriers to entry, no uniform standard, called the "three noes." A few days ago, reporters visited Chengdu in their public capacity at the entertainment gathering place and found, "" service "drunken" State.
found 1 unknown charges fine "please substitute driving charges? "A very simple question, but just can't get the answer. Visit places of entertainment, most of the staff is based on the scope of section, first, second ring road between 60 Yuan; second, third ring road, 80; outside the third ring starting at 100 Yuan, "to the sections, according to the specific position and money. "Even if the reporter to state the specific address, they still cannot say.
query understanding in the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, consumers enjoy their purchase price, acceptance of its right to service the real situation ... ... Clearly, the answer won't let consumers place personnel have the right.
found 2 driver qualifications not sure "driver from the driver's right? "Visited more than more than 20 of the night entertainment venues, many businesses do not seem to know, answers are hesitant even says ' yes ', and only two can provide the driving certificate of business cards.
when the reporters continued to question the driver when the membership, mostly with "you may rest assured that, well, older drivers driver is looking for" change the subject says.
found 3 liability is not clear "electronic eye to the event or accident, you shall not be held responsible? "The reporters found that the question almost all entertainment. "Should not be responsible for an accident looking for drivers. "It depends on the specific situation......" the reporter asked, many businesses have chosen to avoid.
If it is not clear from the beginning, should this really happened, the consumer is difficult for his rights.
found 4 "guerrilla driver" still exists after 10:30, the reporter found that "driving the guerrillas" began to increase. Some of them to stand directly in front of the entertainment "business", some sitting in the car business, roof has a large "chauffeur" Word.
journalists to spy, they also charge by the road range, price range between 40 to 80 Yuan, "out of the three rings depending on the situation but also to add some"; about how the accident compensation? They are only verbal commitment does not occur. After
, reporters surrounded by around half an hour, didn't see any enforcement team to "against" these "guerrilla chauffeur".
lawyer claims not clear not Chu of generation driving risk great Sichuan wide force lawyer firm lawyer Xing Lianchao said, if cannot make clear responsibility divided problem, if generation driving who in driving in the occurred traffic illegal behavior, owners didn't found, produced of loss on only owners himself bear; if appeared major traffic accident, to people injured or death, if generation driving who jumped car escape, owners on more trouble.
Xing Lianchao stressed that "private chauffeur services are freelance, probably without the knowledge of the owner of personal and property losses. At present, the province does not have a dedicated regulator, separate law enforcement teams to crack down on "guerrilla's driving" phenomenon, and therefore recommended that the relevant units improved as soon as possible, eliminate its risks. "
at the same time, he said, in addition to" guerrilla "driver, with properties similar to those of private employment, which is often said to find friends to help," in case of traffic accident, general liability is borne by the owner, even in this process, the driver who also was wounded, car owners have to pay jointly and severally liable. "
get it is understood that the driver started relatively late in our province, until 2009 the first regular chauffeur company after strict checking for drink drivers, driver was gradually incorporated into the chauffeur service range.
to find out the issues related to the industry, recently, the reporter interviewed the driver Zhang Xianjun, President of the industry association. He said Chengdu 80% over costs of agencies are not standard, hopes next month to implement the code for chauffeur car services in Chengdu, government departments, the establishment of specialized law enforcement and supervision Department.
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