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Holiday relatives, friends in free time, warm atmosphere because of the drive only abstinence, it seems there is not enough time. Known as the toughest in the history of the "new rules" introduction and implementation, giving car owners wear traffic safety a "spell", one-time deduction of drink driving penalty 12 minutes, also let "wine future generations drive" hot words.
with the driver, a channel can be selected, does not mean that owners will be totally on the "safety lock". During the process of driver, out of the traffic accident, if insurance compensation of responsibility, who will pay? It is understood that the drunk driver has three main scenarios: chauffeur company provides chauffeur business, the hotel provides free driver chauffeur business, relatives and friends. If traffic accidents occurred during the driver, who is going to pay a "cost", compensation for different driving situations are different.
free private chauffeur, unpaid helper see whether gross negligence, compensation years ago by owners of General, Mr POON's dinner, during which a cordial atmosphere, we talked happily, drive over the Pan, and drink a lot of wine. Sanxi home, live with pan, a community on the proposed drive on his behalf, Mr ban agree. Not far from the community about Ms driving Mr POON's car collided with another car, wounds on both sides, the other driver was injured more seriously. Designated by the traffic police and other vehicles illegal turn, should bear the main responsibility in the accident, and talk about women because they were not driving carefully, must bear secondary responsibility for the accident. Afterwards, on the other driver who should pay the medical bills, was made difficult by Mister: is composed of the talk about driving the car, but I was the owner, if two people are liable?
Pan, consult an attorney was informed, talk about women's behavior belongs to free the driver, in this case, the driver and the owner is a free helper. Mr ban told reporters that he learned from a lawyer, driver whether he will take responsibility for this situation, the key to their deliberate or gross negligence. Talk ladies were not careful driving can only be identified as ordinary negligence, so there's no need to assume liability, such as each other's medical bills should be paid by Mr POON. Zhejiang help
(Wuxi) Jin Weikai law firm lawyers said workers of the free provision of services for others, causing damage in workers activities, workers should assume responsibility for compensation. If volunteer driver during a traffic accident, and free the driver subjective intention or gross negligence, it should also bear the liability of the driver.
chauffeur company, wrong or not should bear responsibility for the contractual relationship, has served on security obligations in the most restrictive regulations gave birth to the "driver" after it, car companies have sprung up there. Tin City journey car chauffeur service company staff said, in the provision of chauffeur service, company and client driver signed agreements, identify content disputes arising. According to the reporter, currently available generation drive company are numerous, but less strictly according to the agreement. If there is no driver agreement and are prone to dispute, but consumers and the driver after the service contract signed between the company, there was a traffic accident and how compensation?
Bon voyage chauffeur company staff said that if the accident was caused by chauffeur driver subjective, the company will compensate if the accident caused by the other driver, the driver will assist owners to carry out accident. Jin Weikai lawyers say, the driver provide chauffeur service for owners of the company, is the contract relationship between the parties, chauffeur company has an obligation to ensure that car owners driving the personal and property safety, and regardless of whether the driver is at fault, should bear some responsibility. PICC
Wuxi officials said, if it is a traffic accident, the compensation, accident car insurance is the insurance compensation, if the accident caused by chauffeur drivers of the company's fault, the insurance company may recover to the chauffeur company. Chauffeur driver is the duty of the company, it can not assume liability shall be borne by the chauffeur company. If the insurer finds that primary responsibility for each other, chauffeur company assumes no liability, but it should help. The person noted, chauffeur company and owner conventions is not confrontation between victims of accidents in the third person, also means that, if an accident caused by a third person was injured, the owners still bear the compensation responsibility, but you can recover to the chauffeur company as agreed.
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