Drunk driving fierce descendants supporting wine drive

Yesterday's newspaper and people discuss the hottest topics is not the Olympic Games, but the tragedy of a pricey car manufacturing, car 3 people were killed, an innocent bystander was killed, drove drunk. After
since the nationwide crackdown on drunk driving a few years ago, things have been greatly improved, but still repeated drunk driving at night, walking a tightrope of results was the price of several people died in a car accident. Offspring when I think of the wine ride, why not fire up? You know, driving industry flourished, how many tragedies can be avoided.
me a Japan study abroad friends say to me, Japanese drink alcohol, is called the taxi company for chauffeur service. Company immediately dispatched two men driving a taxi arrived at the designated location, guests take a taxi and the other driver was driving home with guests ' cars. The police is not a panacea, not night 365 days a year without sleep on the road checking for drink drivers. Drunk people at night, is saw police going to sleep not only drink and fierce on the road? '
in this regard, the Government cannot stand idly by. Drunk driving, after all, against society as a whole, endangering the safety of people's lives, law enforcement agencies in addition to the road interception, also in peacetime to strengthen guidance. 2009 by the traffic Police Brigade, joint Business Council set up a Union, join hundreds of wine-related enterprises, 2 years, more than 20,000 times the driver services. I hope Government departments can support driver industry, synergy block 1912, famous hotel restaurant League and taxi companies together, wind and water, can not only reduce the traffic accidents, but also reduce the burden on the law enforcement team set up checked posts on fighting against.
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