How can drinking drunk hangover

(1) burn 1 bowl of vinegar acid vinegar hangover soup, take it. 1 small cup of vinegar (20~25 ml) slowly take. Vinegar and sugar the radish dip (1 Bowl), eats clothes. Impregnated cabbage vinegar and white sugar (1 Bowl), eats clothes. Impregnated egg vinegar 2, eats clothes. 50 g of vinegar, brown sugar, 25 g, ginger 3 piece frying water. Can vinegar hangover, mainly because of the ethanol in the wine and organic acid in vinegar, footing with digestion and absorption, met each other in the human gastrointestinal reaction of vinegar, lower alcohol concentration, thereby reducing the toxicity of alcohol.
(2) tofu hangover drink up tofu dish as a side dish. Because tofu is an essential amino acid cysteine, which can solve the toxicity of acetaldehyde, discharged from food can make it quickly.
(3) jujube Ge Huagen hangover axillaris, Ge Huagen 10~15 gram, cooked together, has a good sober, clean and diuretic effect.
(4), mung bean, red bean, black bean hangover 3 beans, 50 g, and 15 grams of licorice, boiled, beans, soup's take, refreshing hangover, mitigate alcoholism.
(5), egg whites, milk, cream persimmon jiejiu decoction of the three suits, thirst, heat and the drunk.
(6) 10 g Gehua jiejiu GE, water service, hangover effect is very good.
(7) sugar hydrolysis of tea drinking sugar water can dilute the concentration of alcohol in the blood, and to speed up the metabolism.
(8) celery hangover squeeze juice of celery take, go drunk headache, brain and facial flushing.
(9) hangover gram amount of mung bean, wash with warm water, and tamping bar, boiling water and then drunk or making soup clothes.
(10) sugar cane sugar hangover 1 root, Peel and juice served.
(11) hangover drink too much table salt, pleural uncomfortable. Add a little salt to the water and drink it, instantly sober.
(12) hangover will bake orange peel orange peel, the Institute at the end, add 1.5 grams of salt, soup served.
(13), daikon white radish 1 hangover kg, mash the juice, divided 1 serving. Also available in white radish juice with brown sugar amount of beverage service. Can eating raw carrots.
(14) Orange hangover orange (bright orange) 3~5, juice beverage service, and food service.
(15), olive (fruit) hangover olives 10, take the meat cooked.
(16) hangover minced raw sweet potato sweet potato, mix with sugar amount to take.
(17) fresh Lotus root hangover wash fresh Lotus root, pounded OU Nai, juice beverage service.
(18) add salt to a cup of warm water in the water, let the salt dissolve and drank a hangover!
(19), PEAR hangover PEAR or squeezed PEAR juice beverage service. They drop drunk, if you using the methods above still does not make it sober turn, available clean feather a gently rub its throat or pinch his throat with his hand to make it vomit left in the stomach of wine liquid, drunk can be eased. If still no results, you should seek medical advice.
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