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Three drunken driving hazards-a, drinking and driving on the road against the dangers of drink-driving is a reduced ability to touch. Scientific studies show that drivers driving without the drinking, discovered the danger ahead, from the middle of the Act of visual perception to step on the brake reaction time 0.75 seconds, cases of the drink, you can drive to slow down the reaction time 2 to 3 times, same speed braking distance to be extended accordingly, which greatly increases the likelihood of an accident. Drink drunk driving, alcohol narcotic effect, human hand, feet touch lower than usual, often unable to control the throttle, brake and steering wheel. Second, judgement and operational capacity. After drinking, people light and sound stimulation reaction time, making it impossible to properly judge distances and speeds. Third, Visual impairment. Drink, you will temporarily impaired eyesight and Visual instability, colour reduction, cannot be found and correct understanding of traffic signals, signs and road marking. Vision after drinking but also greatly reduced video fuzzy, eyes staring straight ahead only goal, on the verge of vision danger is difficult to find, so drunk driving .
Second, the harm of drunk driving on the body (a) damage the nervous system. Medical tests showed that alcohol is the main ingredient in wine. Drinking too much, not only harm the stomach and liver and other parts, damage to the brain cells are also very large, passivation top brain, leading to increased accidents and violence, or loses consciousness. As long as the body absorbs 30 mg/ml to 80 mg/ml of alcohol, there will be talkative, clumsy, and ramble endlessly, feelings, impulses, the slow reaction of absorption Alcohol 120 mg/ml, it has entered a State of drunkenness, fatigue lethargy, loss of urine control, coma absorbs 600 mg/ml of alcohol, will be a direct threat to life. Driver's blood-alcohol concentration of 0. 5 mg/ml, symptoms are cheerful, a sense of floating, possible occurrence of traffic accidents; when alcohol concentration reaches 1. 5 mg/ml, appears agitated, noisy manifestations. Even 0.3 per thousand of blood alcohol content will distract the driver's gaze and attention focus, so as to have an impact on vision. Is prone to traffic accidents.
(ii) reduced response. According to statistics, drunk driving accident rates for 16 times without drinking, odds as high as 27%. Drinkers when containing 50 mg of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, and response capabilities that decline when they reach 150 mg, 50%, incoordination, hands and feet out of control. Driver appears drunk driving farsightedness, Visual sense error occurs, increased reaction time 2 to 3 times.
(c) psychopath. Stimulated by alcohol, drunk feeling the pleasure of walking on air is also easy to make driver's overestimation of one's own ability to ignore on the advice of those around, tend to feel things and mistakes.
(four) physical fatigue. Easy sleepy after drinking and driving erratically, poor visual fatigue driving behaviour are more likely to cause a major accident.
three, drunk-driving social damage each year 100,000 people died from a traffic accident what is a concept? Equivalent to--one years national disappeared a small town; one years in the daily from heaven fell a frame full 300 people of large aircraft; one years in the has 300,000 a family was decimated of disaster; one years for traffic accident caused of economic loss can up billions of more Yuan Yuan, quite a medium developed County of annual gross domestic product; one years caused of economic loss can feed near million laid off workers; one years caused of economic loss can makes 2 million poor area school children again into school
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