No matter what kind of car drivers can go with the open

since our strict checking for drink drivers, more and more people develop a habit of drink driving, driving the industry has grown, drivers were also more and more people are familiar with. The day before yesterday evening, reporters followed the driver's dispatch car drivers a night's work.
driver driver hear guests saying "don't worry,"
20:20, North Road, diagonally opposite the fishing port every day, reporters found a 2nd dispatch car chauffeur service. There are 4 of us on the bus, Zhang Jie, always scheduling generation drivers, and Lee King. At 7 o'clock every night, dispatching cars in place on time, carrying the driver drivers rushed to live stations often have to work until after midnight.
20:30, 2nd dispatch received the first live, 8 minutes, dispatching vehicles rushed to the road in front of the restaurant. Total dispatching Zhang hurried to call guests: "leadership, we have reached, where are you? "The answer of the other side so that all cars had the same premonition that can't live a short time. "He said I don't worry, soon, just say" take it easy ", was most likely an hour or two. "Jason said.
20:50, 2nd dispatch received a call from a new, King had to be placed on the roadside, rushed to the next location. "We don't usually get into the hotel, you are not in the restaurant consumption, how in space. "Jason said.
21:18, call up more gradually, dispatching cars were sent out, Jason received a new reservation, contact King could live, King replied that he didn't see the guests. "A live an average of 1.5 hours a night can pick up 3 live, wait a few hours to do a live, and do this work only two hours a night. So we are most afraid of saying "don't worry" guests, but now clients increasingly high quality, do not pay attention to the guests out. "Jason explains.
any grade of car drivers can go 21:25, 2nd dispatch small car new car drivers rushed to the Gaizhou Street, a nearby restaurant, only waited for 5 minutes and guests downstairs. Meanwhile, Zhang received feedback, waited in the road an hour until finally King of the guests.
"this guest is now signed with insurance companies, more and more insurance companies will now be chauffeur service as an additional service, to attract customers, we used a car for one night only to answer four or five live, since insurance companies promote chauffeur service, doubling a car live. "Zhang told reporters.
then, reporters followed on a small piece of the guests ' cars. Just get on, Zhang does not need any familiarity with process, cars drove on the road smoothly, feels just as skilled as his car.
every drivers are subject to strict examination to posts, any grade of the car, can go with the open. Become familiar with the different models of the basic quality of performance on behalf of drivers. But for drivers, most common mega-Mercedes-Benz, BMW, affordable cars account for a small proportion, true luxury car is very rare.
off the other guests, small owners last stop to be sent back to spring. Owner, told reporters that this is the third time he has used chauffeur services for insurance companies, and the second time on a small open car. "I always feel that the drink should not be driving, since once the chauffeur service is convenient with the man I have the same idea. "The guests told reporters he felt real convenience is from the driving industry standardization, there are more and more formal channels can provide chauffeur service for him, so that he can safely enjoy the chauffeur service.
Auto stable storage, Zhang took out a document, fill in the time, place, car number, and so on, to the guest to sign. "We identified on the list of driver time, accidents and violations that occurred in this time period, by chauffeur company responsible for issues outside of this time period, borne by the guest. "Zhang explained.
's heart of Dalian's three maps from the guests ' cars down, it's 22:30, 2nd schedule specially came to pick us up. "If only a small picture of yourself today, he will have to ride home. This time the bus had already gone, in order to minimize costs, Chang walked out from the community, take a taxi to the bus station, bus to go home. "Jason said, each driver drivers have good driving skills, but also had a good leg, and one night should at least walk 35 km, meet urgent, these distances need to be running to complete.
generation driving driver are told reporter, they heart are loaded with three Zhang map: a Zhang is Dalian road traffic figure, guest said any locations they are can accurate positioning, this is with taxi driver as strong; second Zhang is Dalian catering entertainment distribution figure, city greatly small of catering entertainment are overripe Yu chest; third Zhang is taxi driver not too familiar of Dalian bus line figure, they familiar all bus line and the article bus line of late car moments, because daily work Hou, are to by bus home.
arrived at the stadium near the General dispatch station, it's 22:44. "Little piece of bad luck today, only this one was alive, each living generation of drivers earn 40 Yuan, 2 live a day on average, it comes to 80 Yuan, even though every day, only 2400 Yuan a month. "Zhang said. When
23, Zhang finished handing over ready to go home. At this point, most people are already asleep, and the whole city is still a neon-bright, like Zhang and Zhang Jie's drivers still safe home run for every guest.

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