Waiters for the guest's car had an accident

In order to attract customers, so customers are assured to drink, some restaurants now launched the waiter a chauffeur service, but a hot pot restaurant in Jinhua City staff last night because the driver lead to disputes. Who the hell the driver in a car accident compensation, both sides, to the police station.
chauffeur staff Mike, get a driver's license just last year. His chauffeur to a guest that night, driving a sport utility vehicle. Since this is the first time in this type of car, the small operation, was not. When vehicles an Internet café in the vicinity, West Renmin road, and a was prepared from non-motorized road to meet car crashed.
this has hit trouble. The other claims, SUV owners say they're not driving, should be compensated by small parties. Fang said he was obliged to substitute driving, do not receive money, much less the driver contract, let him alone cost him a bit too much.
Xiao Fang said: "crash is when I'm running, but car insurance, but the owner refused to report, bite me, must I pay in cash. "
drivers of vehicles offered by hit 800, this amounts to little more than half a month's salary, Mike refused to pay. In Wucheng police station police station, Hotel Manager ran to negotiate, and Mike discuss compensation costs hotels and small square vicinity. Xiao Fang agreed, but guests and disaffected. He said his car repair costs to small parties or restaurants.
negotiation for two whole hours, hotel eventually paid most of the damages. Police also reminded restaurant business, driver risk, preparatory work has to be done, it is best to provide chauffeur service at the same time ready to chauffeur a contract, clear liability.
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