Join the principles
1. in order to better promote and operate "in Shenzhen for a long time the driver" project, the agents and partners in order to run, operation and expansion "in Shenzhen for a long time the driver" service brand awareness, the company requires that all agents must strictly enforce the agents ' management systems.
2. Shenzhen long chauffeur service company Ltd, is a legitimate operator and owns the brand and intellectual property rights:
a: trademark, design, platform development, and proprietary resources and technology
b: product, including product design, research and development headquarters
3. unified VI Visual identification system. Join the provisions of

1. agent integrity management and acceptance of my company's business guide.
2. to participate actively in the work with corporate agents to agents and partners organized a variety of activities.
3. agents to offer management rationalization proposals and positive efforts for the rationalization of the operation.
4. agents must have a fixed office space, you should configure the fax machines and computers to facilitate contact Business Office setting.
5. agents shall not operate with "Shenzhen substitute driving for a long time," essentially competing similar companies services.
1. agents should be in local processing and management-related business and tax procedures, ensure the legality and integrity of agents should exercise independent operation, independent accounting, compliance with the relevant regulations of the State, and pay taxes according to law.
2. agents need to designate a person responsible for the "Shenzhen for a long time the driver" management and advocacy work related to the service, and the next level of service and training partner.
3. agents to cooperate in providing assistance to investment will be convened and the capacity of the Terminal session.
4. municipal agent belongs to Shenzhen for a long time must be completed six months before the driver driver recruitment. to be completed six months before applying for a part-time driver, 30.
agent to be completed six months before applying for a part-time driver, 10 people, agents should be requested by the Corporation as a whole at all levels apply driver task the task is completed.
head office will be timed to agents at all levels of operation, service status, check, check job application; overall surplus or supernumerary to complete at the end of the agent, company, as the case may give certain rewards.
unable to complete the requirements of the Corporation under the contract when bright yellow according to different situations until cancel agent qualification process.
5. agents at all levels require agents to implement standardized management to the next level, agents of all claims, disputes and "Shenzhen for a long time the driver" Corporation or not.
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