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Car maintenance guide chassis and wiper on rainy days don't ignore

Wet weather is particularly prone to failure. 4S stores after sales maintenance technicians noted that moist air and rain make the vehicle under test, if the vehicle should be repaired to prevent "sequela".
chassis and car maintenance Guide
cover easy to scratch the car
rain does not wash cars, vehicle wear "smock", a wet cloth car ... ... Many car owners to maintain views and practices on rainy days is wrong. If a thought without washing the car in the rain, but because acid rain often, viscous substance, prolonged rainfall will cause serious damage to the body, if it is not cleaned in time, car will be prone to rust or corrosion on the surface, thereby tarnishing effect the car's appearance. Experts say prevent the acid rain damage to the body, is the most simple and effective way the owner can prepare a dry cloth, a simple wipe the body, until the weather cleared to repair shop or 4S shop for all-round car waxing and polishing glaze.
in addition, many owners of used vehicle and get up garments, although you can prevent damage to vehicle surfaces, but in case of rainy weather, clothing repeatedly painted by taxi, especially when the wind blew into the garment, small scratches on the vehicle body to draw numerous road, darken over time can also cause the paint.
Note that in-car dehumidification sterilization
air conditioning after the rain the wind tends to smell of mildew, in order to eliminate the smell, there is a simple method, is the air conditioner heater turned up full, take turns using a variety of wind patterns blowing about 15 minutes. Air conditioning working, outlet temperature can reach 40 c-50 c, so you can use the hot air evaporates, removing mildew. In terms of Interior moisture, once the weather clears up, opened the four-door window, room air convection, and was quickly ruled out by hot body inside water vapor deposition.
in addition, sound tide avoidance is also noteworthy. Wet the wet, CD albums often has a mist on the surface will produce read disk failure, so every once in awhile is scrubbed out.
chassis and Wiper Blade maintenance not to ignore
rain, wipers working round the clock, and wiper link that care is most likely to be ignored. If wipers damaged scraped clean, driving sight will be infected, recommended when washing your car at a time, in addition to wash outside the glass, it is best to also use glass cleaning liquid to clean the wiper in order to extend the life of windshield wipers.
in addition, driving on slippery roads for a long time, chassis lube oil easy to be washed away by rain, mud and dirt chassis more adsorption, chassis rust even, which would endanger the life of the vehicle.
diligent check internal system and stagnant
visits from some 4S store of aftermarket repair center learned, more recently to repair the brake system owners, mostly because of the rain damp caused by the braking system. Maintenance technician, said: "usually maintained outside of the car owners easier note, hidden inside the car maintenance will be even more important. If the braking system is not maintained on time and in severe cases can make the vehicle run and, therefore, should touch on the step on the brake, through constant friction and dry water. In addition, air filters, exhaust pipe is easy to water, after puddle must pay attention, automobile exhaust pipe depth cannot pass. "
pit full of" physical examination "
after the heavy rains, regardless of the vehicle there is no anomaly, preferably to the 4S shop for a complete" examination. " Because some problems cannot be found on the spot, but unusual for potential hazards. For example, heavy rains could easily make some leaves, dirt attached to the cooling system drain hole location or the engine hatch, if you don't clean the dirt will decline in the efficiency of the cooling system, leading to mechanical failure. So, after the rain to look at engine compartment air intakes with the separated parts of the cockpit location on either side of the Groove and the left and right panel whether the water, such as water, you can rinse with air inlets, dredging waterways, in order to ensure the optimal operating conditions of the vehicle.
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