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Drink-driving the market a bit of a mess

"Drink and drive, drive driver. "Wine offspring driving the market's hot, more and more complaints from the public. Recently by the drunk chauffeur service fees, security and other problems found while investigating, this new industry has many problems: the uneven quality of the practitioners, services haphazard jumble with the specifications, responsibilities and rights in the event of traffic accidents or disputes, often difficult to safeguard public interests.
accident the driver leave the territory
"some time ago I and several friends, drink some wine, a friend let restaurant staff looking for a chauffeur, I drove home. "Zhu of the public complained to the newspaper said the other day, when a car pulled up to an intersection, rear-end hit a taxi, front part of SAG in a chunk. Insurance investigation after officers arrived at the scene, said Zhu did not buy car insurance, the insurance company can only pay the taxi cost of repairs, Zhu's losses only themselves. Generation of drivers to see such a situation, and flagged down a taxi and sped away. "I find restaurants, restaurants claim that drivers are coming from outside, and they have nothing to do, restaurant customers contact the driver just an obligation to help, was not charged, nor assume any responsibility. "Mr Zhu said his drivers in the restaurant with the help of the dial's phone, but the driver refused to show up, do not want to assume any responsibility, eventually more than 1000 Yuan repair only out-of-pocket.
on a car Forum, user offspring about the wines drive "ridicule" has also attracted many onlookers. Netizen "Vonnet riding", said a drunken driver, didn't think the next day received a violation of the traffic Police Department prompted not only a fine of 200 Yuan, the penalty will be deducted 3 points, call the chauffeur company, didn't think the other party does not admit that took over the business, nor is there any evidence on his hands, completely out of luck. Netizen "cars coming and going," said the driver got out, he found friends of a smoke disappeared, didn't think of that.
chauffeur said does not assume responsibility for the "norm"
14 day night at 7 o'clock, reporters walked into the honey Lake City, see road erected several blocks on either side "wine future generations drive" signs, some of them decorated with neon lights, night stand out.
in a restaurant door, a name wearing "generation driving" words clothing of men is to past pedestrian distributed card, reporter took card a see, positive printing with "formal enterprise, and professional generation driving", content and the contact phone, back is is charges price:    24:00 Qian 10 km within 80 Yuan, beyond mileage each km added received 3 Yuan; 24:00 zhihou 10 km within 100 Yuan, beyond mileage each km added received 4 Yuan.
then contact the one-generation drivers, visiting the trees she grows forest drive from honey Lake, the driver took the car keys, he urged reporters to get in. "Should sign your agreement or contract? "The reporter asked. The driver waved his hand and said he was more than 10 years old drivers, absolutely no problem. On the way, reporters when it comes to driving accidents what to do with, the driver said, "you've all bought insurance, we do not take responsibility. "Vehicle arrival, reporters asked whether there is a Bill, a driver from my bag and pulled out a piece of food and beverage invoices," with this, you can also claim. "
in addition to substitute driving companies and networks many people engaged in the industry. Journalist by network links a number of drivers, the other side says they have more than 10 years of driving experience, but when it comes to responsibilities in case of an accident or traffic violation, all drivers who refused to take responsibility, and claims that this is "the norm".
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