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Drunk driver you have to take note of the

Since drunk driving is strictly prohibited, many drivers to getting together with friends to drink, look for "chauffeur", the driver naturally often drink owner good ways to avoid punishment, but the driver has a lot of problems, such as driver during a traffic accident, the responsibility to back? Owners looking for the driver should pay attention to?
at present, "drunk driving ban" more and more stringent action, gradually became a professional driver, but there were "wild ride". Many taxi driver day open taxi, night on Dang up has "generation driving" driver, also some specifically in hotel, and entertainment "camp" of "idle personnel", look associate has guest dining entertainment Hou drink has wine of, on came "soliciting", they not only exists bypass, and illegal driving, and no card driving, hidden, and some once out has accident, people run has is needed owners pay. Drivers you are looking for be sure to check whether he holds a driver's license, driving to meet drivers, phone number to leave drivers as well as driving the company's information. Owners try to find a regular chauffeur company, don't look for "driver" no, asking for "price".
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