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Drunk driver, you should understand these

With the "drunk-driving into the penalty" cases increasing drunk chauffeur services began to heat up. Recently, a reporter found that my descendant wine driving services is rising, but quite a few problems, very easily lead to disputes.
wine culture and "drunk-driving into the penalty" collisions were driving the rise of future generations by wine
"when no previous drunk-driving into the penalty, drink driving and I still have chances. After the new rule, drunk driving really make people feel scared. "In he Zhou Lu management business, says Mr Yao, socialize on weekdays, and also very inconvenient. Drunk driving fines, may ask the driver. But he saw no how many regular chauffeur company of Huaihua, he is generally common acquaintance driver, telephone booking chauffeur. Currently, the wine culture and "drunk-driving into the penalty" after the impact, "perfect" wine drive industry for future generations.
reporter noted that, although very few dedicated chauffeur company in our city, but some car rental companies are driving business. In addition, some "retail" drivers, such as truck drivers, a part-time driver, driver information published on the Internet. Recently, this reporter visited Lu, Ying feng road, San Zhi dance water of several hotels, catering and entertainment, telephone 4 register online car rental, chauffeur services and found that no one in the hotel, catering and entertainment provide chauffeur service, but there are 2 Hotel says if the customer needs, can help you contact the hotel chauffeur drivers. Several car rental, chauffeur services are said to have "wine future generations ride" service. Driving
wine descendants ran less than 10 kilometers from the downtown costs 50 Yuan to 80 Yuan; more than 10 km, plus 20 Yuan to 30 yuan per 15 km
reporter noted, some car rental car companies, "fragmented" driver will drive the information posted on the Internet, this type of driver is basically on-call, priced between 50-200. For charging the city most of the car rental service is charged per journey: if run downtown, within 10 km of cost 50 Yuan to 80 Yuan; more than 10 km, plus 20 Yuan to 30 yuan per 15 km if running suburban, charging relatively high; in addition, the day after 24 o'clock, driver charges upwards.
fees, car chauffeur company and the driver said, are based on industry practice yourself, the price can be negotiated. "I think the price is a mess. "The offspring often reserve wine drive Mr Han says," have to worry for friends to find substitute driving, Internet search and a phone call in the past, the other to 100, resulting in faster to destination, says road is bad, would only be hard to add 50 to. "
" without signing an agreement, as long as you tell me, when the driver, where it became. "When a reporter to find a chauffeur service, on behalf of, when a chauffeur service, contact me, its staff," says price negotiable, no more than 100 Yuan in the city. " Offspring despite driving heat, but the reporter found that most customers took a wait-and-see attitude for chauffeur services. "Not used to substitute driving, because they do not know how their driving skills and personality, a bit concerned about security. Then there is the industry standard, afraid of driver on wild speculation. "Members of the public said Mr LI, is generally drunk drunk driver, also was a verbal agreement, in case of accident issues. Entrust customers cannot trust at the same time, drivers there are many disturbing things. "Drunk customer awareness is not very clear, some people don't even recognize the driver, some obviously don't pay already paid money. "Personal drivers, Zhou said, not sure whether some owners got their own home where, if he falls in the last" wine "is bad, personal safety is a problem.
alcohol descendants mainly responsible for joint and several liability
liability for driver behaviour issues, China's current laws and relevant administrative departments lacks clear rules and regulatory systems, intoxicated persons car owners to use the chauffeur service face a degree of risk in the process. On March 20, the reporter at the municipal traffic police section found, traffic violation liability accident liability and liability. Accident responsibility borne by the driver (apart from being forced, abetting), and drunk that owners have to bear the liability of joint and several liability.
a few days ago, Lee call newspaper reflected the public: for fear was caught by traffic police for drunk driving, ordered to pay 50 Yuan, a "black" driver and drove himself home. En route, due to some unfamiliar with the condition, improper handling in the rear-end, motorcyclists struck Liu. After Liu spent thousands of Yuan medical expenses, find LEE asked for compensation, she don't understand is: "clearly not the car I drive, and police departments have decided that a bear full responsibility for the accident, a claim should be, how can I take responsibility? "Zhu Zhengfa, Director of
to this rule explains that she shall be liable, in accordance with the Supreme People's Court on several issues concerning the trial of personal injury compensation cases for legal interpretation of the provisions:" personal damage caused by employees engaged in employment activities, the employer shall be liable; employee's causing damages due to intent or gross negligence, shall bear joint and several liability with employers. Joint and several liability of the employer and employee compensation. "In view of their belonging to the employer-employee relationship, while Zhang was under instructions from Ms Lee, Liu injured driver activities, while Lee had no driving, traffic Police Department found Zhang to take full responsibility for the accident, but Ms LI as owners equally to blame. Only after the responsibility according to a recovery.
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