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Drunken chauffeur in mind three legal knowledge

With the increase of drunk driving penalties, drunken chauffeur services have emerged, but descendants of driving some of the legal issues should be a cause for concern.
drunk driver signed a contract valid
Li drove to attend a friend's wedding reception. The party, Mr Li fits, drank a lot of wine, call a company. But for Mr LEE to sign the company the contract only after the driver to take them home. Mr LEE thinks he drinks too much, his drink-driving effect of the contract was signed by doubts.
said, according to judicial practice, general principles of management, adult mental health and drunk while not accurate expression of the will, but the drunken state is based on its sound expression of the natural consequence of drinking behavior, presumption of law with full capacity for civil conduct, and adult mental health and drunk driver to make compliance with other requirements of validity of the contract valid. Owners drink is obviously not sober, peer made by relatives, order due to a bona fide third party had reason to believe people have the right to conclude a contract and established Agency, the contract entered into force. But drunken cannot accurately describe the destination of the owners, due to the lack of a clear contractual purposes, as intention on both sides could not agree, driver contracts are not established.
the end of proof the owner property loss, Liu attend company dinners, drinking two cups of liquor, is hiring company drivers Jo drove himself home. Liu sober up the next day and found that car stored on a high-end camera disappeared, to the company and claims for Jo did not failed, bring a case to court.
: owners and companies when signing a contract, to the rights and obligations of both parties to make specific provisions. If both on owners body property and car within property for cleanup and registration of, generation driving driver in provides generation driving service in the occurred property lost of, as cannot proved is owners itself reasons caused of, should considered default, caused of loss should by company and generation driving driver bear joint responsibility; if both no on property for cleanup and registration of, according to "who advocates, who proof" of evidence rules, owners to on property loss of facts and generation driving driver of damage behavior and the both Zhijian of causal relationship provides evidence be proved. If the owners are convinced that the lost property inside the car in the drive, it may refuse to sign the service form, and notify the company disposed of can also be directly reported to the public security departments for investigation, or initiate litigation to the people's Court.
traffic accident responsibility how to bear
in a reunion, everyone cheering, he drank a lot of wine. Back home, he commissioned a company driver Wang helped drive. Mr Wang for luxury car is not very skilled, due to improper operation on the way into Liu. Designated by the traffic Police Department, Wang held full responsibility for the accident. Liu Chang and Wang sued the Court seeking compensation for medical costs and other losses amounted to 4000 Yuan.
: alcohol driving traffic accident responsibility for future generations, should be dealt with according to different situations in different legal relationship. If guests wine drive for future generations, is a continuation of consumer behavior, traffic accident, indicate that hotel has no obligation to do their consumers a safe destination, violation of service terms of the contract, hotel should be liable. If a company provides chauffeur services for owners, the company shall ensure that the owner of personal property in vehicle security, or the company shall be liable. In this case, Wang held full responsibility for the accident, Wang is driver behavior, by Wang served companies liable for damages.
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