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Long drive considerations

Prepare yourself out for a drive, that can understand some long-distance driving knowledge.
, after all, ran long and normal driving in urban areas are not the same, to experience all kinds of usually experience less traffic, may also need to deal with many emergencies, so before you travel, make up this lesson is important.
Please bring the following items: ID card, driving licence, vehicle, road maintenance fees paid vouchers, especially don't forget to bring cell phones to prevent car malfunction or accidents on the way to contact with the parties concerned.
while driving, please fasten your seat belts, even more so when driving on the highway. If a child is the same car, be sure to lock the child safety lock. If there are children, best not to lock the car died.
the benefits in case of accident, the door easy to open, if you locked the doors due to collision deform door will not open, delaying rescue time lead to more serious consequences.
children try to sit back. Long distance driving, children must not be seated alone in the front seat. Because many of the car the airbag is set in the co-pilot position, balloon pop, the impact is great, although it can protect the adult safety, but it will bring unintentional injuries to children.
fragrance bottles and all kinds of glass, metal ornaments don't stick on passenger side in front of the instrument table, it is recommended that you place them in the middle was the co-pilot on the dashboard of, to be both beautiful and safe.
attention to people or livestock appear at any time. Car travel is a racing event, whether it be highways or other road, don't speed through towns and villages, to be even more careful.
into the scenery, mountain full of driving pleasure must be careful when driving. Hill, swapped in a suitable low gear in advance, ensure that there is enough momentum in hill-climbing, in case the flame, please immediately stop, pull the hand brake, start again, if necessary, let partner off, using rocks covered by the side of the rear wheel to prevent vehicles slipped. Downhill, slide or long time not space using the brake. When braking is needed, don't step on the clutch, so as to avoid losing control of the vehicle, should be based on slope, hanging into a suitable low gear, traction and stopping of the engine braking, maintaining a safe speed downhill.
have seen ahead of the curve, ahead slow, whistling, and close to their own road on the right, do not occupy opposite roads to cars, so as to avoid the danger.
at the same time, also listen to bend after a slow walking pedestrian or bicycle.
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