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Love jitter due to carbon auto carbon removing nine methods

Ms Chan has recently felt shaking the car, especially when the lights, look under the driver's seat safety buckle with engine trembling, "just like when I was a kid riding a tractor." 4S shop car to check, carbon is too serious. "4S shop mechanic says my bad driving habits, not only easy carbon for a long time will damage the engine. I got a shock, home Internet access up there said. Online many methods of preventing carbon deposition, do not know mark? "
reporter understand to, Chen ladies those" bad drive habits "has: as commute travel tool, long time in downtown idle speed driving; half also may not be will Shang once high-speed; most hell of is, weekend Chen ladies sent children Shang interest class, she himself had to in car Shang reading play phone, days too cold or too hot Shi certainly to open air conditioning, a open is couple hours......" the female owners of situation now is General of, many cars one years only open five thousand or six thousand km. While manufacturers do maintenance basic requirements for 3 months or 5000 km, but little attention was ' first ' this description. Not maintained for a long time, and drive cars don't pay attention, avoid carbon deposition. "Experts told reporters that the carbon cannot be completely avoided, but usually take good care of the car and maintain a good driving habits, can indeed play a preventive role. Ms Chan found the method is reliable, the expert responded reviews.
1, heightening the label gasoline reduces carbon? Chang Yuan Tong Hong Kong
Hangzhou Dongfeng Nissan store technical director Ma Fusheng, told reporters that carbon main impurities in gasoline, and dust particles in the air, in the combustion chamber deposit formation. Marking high gasoline, relatively fewer impurities, conditional use high grade gasoline, is good for the engine.
the same way, do not often run dirt road, frequent cleaning of the Air (air cleaner), could also play a role in reducing carbon. Every 20,000 km, it is best to replace Air and clean the injectors, throttle. If this money, in case of serious engine needs overhaul due to carbon, but pound foolish.
2, long idle, stopping the air conditioning will result in carbon?
don't let the vehicle is in an idle state for a long time, especially long-idle air conditioning is on. "Water temperature in 85~90℃, engine is in top working condition, or inadequate gasoline combustion, carbon. From this point on that morning, hot car for a long time, engine temperature rises slowly, can also cause carbon deposits. Air conditioning running in idle state, would cause the engine load. "However, the horses also consider it necessary to do too much, and takes only a few minutes, no need to flame. Restart moments, not only high fuel consumption, will cause engine wear.
3, run you can wash away carbon at high speed?
run speed, does air the erosion of the airway, and washed away part of the carbon. So, if you just go out there take the freeway, State Highway two options, may wish to select a speed. However, the opinion of the Commissioner, if designed to "wash away carbon" purposely to run high-speed, then that won't be necessary. "Waste of time, and the cost in oil and also take high tolls, the effect go to 4S shop maintenance! "
4, improve shift speed, for example Rev 2000rpm shift and change into a 2500rpm conversion, you can prevent the formation of carbon, but also protect the engine? MA Director
said low speed shift, that says "block", the car easy to knock, inadequate gasoline combustion of carbon. But artificially to improve shift speed is not necessary--it would increase fuel consumption and cause premature clutch friction plate wear. Therefore, the manual transmission cars, and 1.6~2.0L emissions, around 2000 RPM shift is relatively inexpensive, no need to raise and automatic transmission car, be careful not to slam open.
5, car parking, idling slam open, can run high speed washing carbon, please?
in theory, slam open at idle will wash away some of the carbon, but this method is not recommended. First of all is a waste of gasoline, pollute the environment, secondly, idling is not good for the engine. Especially the speed of more than 4000 rpm, and if it is not running on the road, no wind blowing to cool the engine, will have an impact on the engine. Washed carbon really rely on air flow, or to run high-speed now!
6, heard clear fuel carbon cleaning agent in the chemical composition of rubber for the oil pipeline had corrosion effect, will pay?
qualified fuel cleaner than gasoline to better clear the fuel Chamber, nozzle, exhaust of carbon. Of course, these chemicals have some corrosion, 4S stores use operations have provided, if accidentally drops it is really powerful.
However, even three-poison, but we still have to take the medicine. The same reason, by contrast, need or should we use these products.
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