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What type of driver?

, On behalf of what type of driving
wine/> wine descendants descendants drive, is driven by a professional driver instead, drunk driver, even with the cart and sent home. Drunken chauffeur as a new profession has caused concern, drunken chauffeur service for drink drivers and friends provides a relatively safe choice, but also objectively promote the implementation of the national road traffic safety law.
/> travel long distance driving as people's income levels increasing and the popularity of private cars, self-driving tour began to heat up, become a new hot spot tourism market. Opportunites while having fun, but because of the long drive was easily tired, and complex road conditions, novice to cope with tourism driver quietly.
and wine offspring compared to driving, traveling the driver went into a season. But in the "51", "11" and during the new year's day, very strong demand for travel chauffeur, tour driver has become a new business substitute driving the company's growth.
travel chauffeur clients are mainly there are two types: one is the family driving, choose to hire drivers who go out to relieve driving fatigue; another is employee travel and holiday coincides with the company drivers. In both cases, people often choose to travel chauffeur. It is understood that the chauffeur services many different types of tourism.
one way chauffeur service if needed, the driver drove after the guests to reach the destination, you can take the train or other means of transport to Beijing without further charge. If you need a chauffeur service, drivers in the field waiting for the guests. In addition, also provide emergency chauffeur services, if, after the consumer drove onto the field, afraid of exhausted, sick or other accidents, the company can also be sent to the field, drove back to Beijing for the guests. In terms of costs, according to the reporter, Ben aoanda cruise the driver fees are excursions the chauffeur costs about 120 to 150 Yuan/day, long-distance driver charged per km, more than 800 kilometers per hundred km 70-80 Yuan; 800 kilometers per hundred kilometres around 100 Yuan. Other car companies charge similarly.
and wine offspring compared to driving, consumers tour long-distance driver fee more palatable. Mr Zhang, who lives in Zhongguancun, Haidian District has received, from Beijing to Shanghai and two friends travel chauffeur service. He gave reporters an account: more than 1300 km journey from Beijing to Shanghai, chauffeur service costs more than 1000 Yuan, plus petrol and tolls, the total cost is more than 2000 Yuan, about 700 Yuan per person on average, much cheaper than air tickets, but you can also experience the fun and convenience of opportunites.
main bottleneck restricting tour long-distance driver is the lack of the necessary regulatory and consumer confidence enough to accept less. Zhang was very impressed: "to tell the truth when receiving worried, go figure is a good time, even if there is no security problem, some disputes on the service also has got no interest in play. But the whole process was very smooth. "
commercial driver
Wu because of an advertising agency on the business relationship often is host to some customers. When there is something important when customers came to Beijing, he sometimes chauffeur driver to do professional drivers. In his view, this is a good deal: "driving customers, most of the time is not convenient. A special driver, in daily and don't need. Such customer to request a temporary driver, saves money and convenience. "
Mr Wu accepted is the business driver service. Business driver currently in the drive of the company's business is not high. It is understood that the business driver's main customers are SMEs or temporary activities. Such organizations do not need full-time driver, but the driver's demand. Business driver was to find living space in these areas.
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